Suneel Gupta

Managing Partner

I am an entrepreneur, investor, and author on a quest to help people find their path. Fun fact: I recently fulfilled my goal of becoming a yoga instructor.

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Productivity stack

Email: Gmail
Calendar: Gcal
Task list: OmniFocus
Fitness: Yoga
Webcam: Camo

Suneel's story

The key to success isn't what we think. And I'm on a mission to help all people find their path.

I teach innovation at Harvard University and I am the author of the book, Backable – exploring how to get people to believe in your ideas.

The book is rooted in my journey from first-time entrepreneur to being named “The New Face of Innovation” by the New York Stock Exchange.

My ideas have been backed by firms like Greylock and Google Ventures. I previously served as an Entrepreneur in Residence inside Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Prior to that, I was co-founder and CEO of Rise, a weight management app that partnered with Michelle Obama. I started my technology career at Mozilla and, later, as the first VP of Product for Groupon.

I personally backed startups including Impossible Foods, AirBnB, 23&Me, Calm, and SpaceX.

In 2019, I established the Gross National Happiness Center of America in partnership with the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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