Our proven validation process turns your idea into a world-changing business.


We're obsessed with learning. We've built a process to help us validate ideas as quickly as possible so you can confidently take the first step.

01 Define

02 Explore

03 Refine

04 Spinout

Define your idea.

At this stage, you might have some notes, maybe something more. Most founders then think: "Okay, where do I go from here? What questions do I need to ask? What might I be missing? How do I know this is worth it?"

This is our favorite step of the process. We use a problem-centric approach and work with founders to clarify the problem they want to solve, articulate what they need to learn, and then help set them up to go out into the world and learn those things.

We do this step even if we're not officially working with founders (seriously, reach out — we love cold emails). It's the best way for us to learn about the person on the other side of the table.

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Should I have a co-founder?

We're the perfect co-founder.


Full-time, accelerated growth.

We’re designers, marketers, engineers, board members, investors, LPs, and advisors.

We take less than equal equity.

We pay you.

We've been in your shoes.

Traditional Co-founder

Nights and weekends, limited hours, slow growth.

Functionally specific (i.e., technical, design)

Equal equity, your slice of the pie is smaller.

Will have a salary that needs to be paid.

Likely first time.

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Have an idea?

Let's talk. We love cold emails — really.
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