Ian Sefferman

Managing Partner

I am obsessed with a few things in life: my family, startups, and working on meaningful problems. Fun fact: I was Jeff Bezos’ only friend on Orkut.

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Productivity stack

Email: Superhuman
Calendar: Motion
Task list: Motion
Notes: Notion
Fitness: Cityrow GO
Webcam: Camo

Ian’s story

I am a founder and Managing Partner of Undefined. I wake up inspired to find and help great potential founders build a company from scratch. I am particularly passionate about building software that helps humans perform better in all aspects of life.

I frequently equate startups to getting punched-in-the-face every single day. But every once in a while, you land your own punch and the thrill is unstoppable. This is hard, hard work, but the results are so worth it. We built Undefined to be the perfect co-founder we always wanted to help with the hard work and put us on a path to success.

Prior to Undefined, I was founder and CEO of an enterprise SaaS startup helping mobile app marketers. We sold that business in 2014 and ultimately built the acquirer, TUNE, to 350+ employees and almost $75m in ARR. It was a wild ride, I learned a ton, but it convinced me I wanted to stay at a much earlier stage.

Before that, I was a software engineer at Amazon, working on Personalization, Email Marketing, and the Website Platform. I graduated with an AB in Computer Science from The University of Chicago.

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